Here Are The Best Tips On Travelling In The New Normal During Covid

Covid-19 has revolutionized the travel industry, from hand sanitizers in hotel lobbies to cabin crew wearing masks, localized lockdowns to contact tracing apps. Travel came to a virtual halt amid shuttered borders and canceled flights, with the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization reporting that at the height of the pandemic, 100% of worldwide locations had enacted travel restrictions. Travelling In The New Normal

Here Are The Best Tips On Travelling In The New Normal During Covid


Today, as most of Asia begins to emerge from its state of emergency, an industry that accounts for around 10% of global GDP considers the new normal. And travelers, many of whom have been restricted to their homes for months, are beginning to fantasize about beaches, mountains, and landmarks once more. However, restoring travel offers its own set of difficulties.

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Is this the new normal? Natural Travel in an Uncertain Time in the Covid-19 World
James Liang is the chairman of the Group, one of the largest online travel agencies in the world, with operations in 19 languages and 200 countries and regions. Product innovation, according to Liang, is critical to the travel industry’s comeback, such as’s live-streaming program, which brings destinations and accommodations to life in real-time.

“The worldwide tourism sector has faced tremendous hurdles as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak,” he says. “However, it’s good to note that travel activity has stabilized or recovered in many of the markets where we operate.” Travel activity in China struck rock bottom in February and has been steadily improving since then.”

While there are signs of recovery in some areas, Mario Hardy, CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, claims that many Asian travelers are still afraid of infection. “Many families in Asia live with their parents or grandparents at home, who are more vulnerable,” he explains. “As a result, younger travelers are less anxious about their safety. Their main concern is bringing the disease home and infecting their parents or grandparents.”

And this apprehension is influencing how people approach to travel. Jane Sun, CEO of the Group, sees three major developments. “For starters, people are highly concerned about health requirements, so we work closely with our partners to guarantee that hotels and airlines are safe partners,” she explains. “Second, people prefer to travel in smaller groups, such as with their families or close friends. Third, we’ve noticed that some demand for outbound travel has shifted to domestic travel.”

Packages with rental cars and hotels are more popular than less intimate modes of transportation, such as group trips, due to increased domestic and short-haul demand. “Because you’re traveling with your family, it helps people feel safer,” Sun explains.

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The destination that has been modified

For providers as diverse as airlines, stores, hotels, and restaurants, the World Travel and Tourism Council has created a comprehensive set of protocols to address the new normal. Cleaning, sanitization, protective equipment like masks, screening techniques like thermal and infrared scanners, and fewer touchpoints and queues will all define the travel experience for a long time.

Is this the new normal? Passport for Traveling in the Covid-19 World
While “safe lanes” and “air corridors” between countries that have eradicated or controlled the coronavirus are being discussed, they could take some time to materialize. “They sound like really fantastic concepts in theory,” Hardy adds, “but putting them into practice is actually not that simple.” “You need faith in the respective countries’ healthcare systems, processes in place, border control both in and out of the country, testing in place, and some type of tracking mechanism.”

And, if more businesses close as a result of the economic downturn, with smaller firms being hurt harder than larger ones, destinations will change. While boutique hotels may thrive as customers seek out less congested experiences, many tiny, independently owned guesthouses and restaurants are battling to stay afloat.

Is this a long-term transformation?

Terrorist attacks in the past have permanently altered the way we fly. Sun and Hardy agree that some of today’s adjustments are likely to stick around.

“People in Asia are used to wearing masks these days, and even on a regular day, especially during flu season, that may be the best way to travel to prevent the flu from spreading,” Sun explains. “People are washing their hands more frequently, paying closer attention to menus, and avoiding sharing drinks and food. In a healthy setting, these are all desirable habits.”

Businesses are experimenting with new technology in order to increase bookings and make travel safer. Contactless check-in at hotels and airports, virtual museum tours, and virtual experiences are not going away anytime soon.

“These alterations will not completely go away even if the vaccination is implemented tomorrow,” Hardy says. “Some controls may be relaxed in some regions, but others will remain in place because this is unlikely to be the last time we experience a pandemic in the future.” As a result, there’s a new normal.” Travelling In The New Normal

Sun, on the other hand, believes that Asian travelers’ fascination with distant lands would persist, albeit with new locations and environmental tourism replacing more crowded sites and activities. “Coronavirus is a new type of virus that has never been seen before,” she says. “No nation, no business, has ever had the opportunity to practice for a natural tragedy of this magnitude.” People’s demand and desire for travel is really strong, based on my experience in Asia. They’ve been imprisoned for a very long time. It’s in their nature to desire to discover and enjoy their life.” Travelling In The New Normal



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