Best Destination For First Time Traveler Where To Go Which Will Marvels You

Where should you go if this is your first solo trip?

Solo travel can be intimidating, whether you’re planning a year-long round-the-world journey or just a long weekend alone. Where to stay, eat, and be safe can all seem daunting, but if you do your homework and have an open mind, you’ll have one of the most memorable experiences of your life (and want to do it all over again!). I’ve selected a few of my favorite locations (some of which were on my first ever solo backpacking trip). I hope you find it beneficial and that it aids in your decision-making! 🙂 Safe travels!, first-time traveler where to go.

Best Destination For First Time Traveler Where To Go Which Will Marvels You



Thailand is one of the greatest places to visit if you’re a solitary traveler.
Beautiful beaches, low-cost lodging, and a backpacker’s paradise. You can pretty much pick and choose what kind of experience you want in Thailand. Do you want to combine a meditation retreat with a rainforest trek? Make your way to Chiang Mai and beyond (you may end up staying here longer than anticipated). Looking for some beautiful beaches and a welcoming backpacker town? Travel to Krabi. Do you want to get away from it all in a beautiful sandy bay with pure water? Go to Ko Mak (no full moon parties here!). At some point, you’ll undoubtedly pass through Bangkok. It’s a rite of passage to be ripped off by a tuk-tuk driver, but you’ll be negotiating like a pro in no time (just remember to always insist on direct rides – no stopping off at any of your ‘friends’ shops! ;-)).

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 The Republic of Ireland

Ireland is one of the safest places to visit on your own. A jaw-dropping craggy coastline, gorgeous rural villages, and some of the world’s friendliest people. In Ireland, it’s nearly difficult to avoid the ‘craic.’ The Dingle Peninsula and County Donegal are both great places to visit if you want to see some untamed beauty. Make a road trip out of it by renting a car.

Tips: ‘Round Ireland with a Fridge’ by Tony Hawks is a must-have for your journey. Don’t forget to bring along my popular Spotify Ireland playlist!

This photo was captured early one morning at Killarney National Park in Ireland.
This photo was captured early one morning at Killarney National Park in Ireland.

The city of Paris

Paris is a terrific solitary travel location, so forget about the hopeless romantics. It’s also one of the most straightforward. Here, dining alone is a way of life (and great for people watching). Remember to dress up and take a Velib to get about the Marais (for less than €2 for the day!). Join a group course to learn how to make macarons in half a day and create a Parisienne specialty.

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One of the top first-time solo travel locations is Paris.
Christophe-Nicolas Boit’s Chignon bar is a nice treat for alone vacation to Paris.
Do you want to amp up your style? Christophe-Nicolas Boit has a chignon bar where you can have a 10-minute makeover for for €20. In a flurry of pins and hairspray, I sprayed and pinned up my delicate hair. Julie Delpy was sitting two seats down in the salon. It doesn’t get much more Parisian than that, right?

 Australia by Land

Australia is by far the most accessible destination for a solo traveler. Hostels of a high grade, simple transportation connections, and thousands of kilometres to explore. Don’t let the ‘Top End’ pass you by (the Northern Territory). Kakadu National Park is worth at least a few days if you’re looking for a true outback experience. The East Coast of Queensland is home to sunny surf towns, bustling cities, and Queensland’s crown jewel, the Great Barrier Reef. You can take a day excursion to scuba dive in this spectacular underwater wonderland. The high quality of Australian instruction available is ideal for first-time divers.


Barcelona may have recently made headlines, but it is still one of the safest cities for solitary travelers. Take a seat at one of the many enticing tapas bars (I loved Tapas 24 and Cerveceria Catalana). If you’re on your own, you can usually obtain a seat immediately while others queue around the block. Get up early to be the first to see Casa Batllo, one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. I also like cycling or running along the seaside boardwalk.

Bar Pinoxto at the La Boqueria food market is a must-visit. Juanito, the dapper proprietor, will be on hand to advise on the best small dishes and a glass of cava for lunch.

Barcelona is a fantastic place to visit if you’re a single traveler for the first time.
TripAdvisor has the greatest prices on the best-rated hotels in Barcelona.

Northern Italy

A solo vacation to Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Base yourself in Lake Garda for a holiday feel (I stayed in Desenzano due to having great rail connections to the rest of the nation). You have complete freedom to do as much or as little as you like here. Take a boat to Sirmione and spend the day at Aquaria Thermal Spa after exploring the castle and the Grotto of Catullus.

Do you want to try something new? Trenitalia connects Desenzano to Venice, Verona, and Milan (all in about 1 hour 30 minutes), making it ideal for day visits. If you take an early train, you can have breakfast at Caffe Florian in St. Mark’s Square (touristy and expensive? – absolutely. Definitely worth it for the atmosphere!)



Cambodia is still recuperating from its recent wounds. Which you will be unable to overlook when you come to see. However, the people’s friendliness and grace would make you fall in love with its serene South East Asian beauty. Of course, Angkor Wat at sunrise is a must-see, but Cambodia has so much more to offer. Snorkeling, forest excursions, and even Irrawaddy Dolphins may all be found here. Take your time and rent a bike.

Tip: Backpackers flock to Siem Reap’s bustling Pub Street. ‘Happy pizzas’ should be avoided (they have magic mushrooms on). Even if you do drugs at home, South-East Asia is a gamble, therefore it’s not worth it.

New York City

In NYC, you can be as inconspicuous as you want while people-watching at a breakneck rate. This electrified metropolis simply makes you feel alive. Of course, the Top of the Rock is a must-see, but don’t limit yourself to the midtown highlights; venture out to Downtown, Harlem, and Brooklyn. One of my favorite places is the LES Tenement Museum. It gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what life was like for immigrants coming in the city in the 1800s (from a fully restored 19th-century tenement). It’s easy to eat alone in NYC. Pull up a bar stool at Cafe Habana in SoHo for breakfast, or come later in the day to the Ace lobby, which is incredibly trendy and super laid back.

Tip 1: Get an Airbnb in Williamsburg or the East Village for a more authentic experience (if you stay here, make sure to see Caracas). Promised to be the best Arepas in town!).

Tip 2: Don’t forget to bring along my NYC playlist:)

Tip 3: Before you leave, read my solo NYC guide!

With this Airbnb discount code 9, you may save money on your Airbnb stay. New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean.
New Zealand has Mauri charm, snowy mountains, and beautiful coastlines, making it another incredibly easy yet super rewarding vacation. It’s incredibly simple and safe to go around (with much shorter distances than Australia). There is something for everyone, with an emphasis on the outdoors, trendy hostels, and possibly the best baristas in the world. Make an effort to visit both the North and South Islands, as each has its own distinct flavor. Do you require some relaxation? Waiheke Island, only 30 minutes from Auckland, provides tramping trails, delectable food and wine, and breathtaking views.

Tip: Despite its touristy reputation, Rotorua (also known as Roto-Vegas) is worth visiting for its geothermal mud pools and medicinal hot springs.


Berlin is a fantastic place to visit on your own for the first time.
Visit Berlin before it loses its edgy vibe. It’s super chic and uber accessible. You’ll fit right in with social hotels like The Michelberger and laid-back summer beer gardens like Prater. Don’t miss the DDR Museum, the East Side Gallery, and the Jewish Museum in this city with an interesting recent past.

You won’t be able to miss the countless ‘Photoautomat’ booths dotted throughout the city. The ultimate climax!

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 Argentina’s Overland Route

South America is quite popular among travellers, but Argentina is the easiest to explore. Take your time to look around. Buenos Aires is arguably the coolest city on the planet, with plenty of clean, inexpensive hostels (I loved America del Sur). Don’t forget to take a free walking tour of the city (ask at your reception).

If you plan on staying for a while, travel down to Patagonia and begin your ‘Fin del Mundo’ tour in Ushuaia (don’t miss the horseback riding and definitely don’t miss the penguins). Work your way north until you reach Bariloche in the Lake District (fantastic hiking and chocolate shops!). Take a vineyard tour of Mendoza’s wineries as a treat for all of your outdoor activities. first time traveler where to go



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