Top Travellers Tips On How To Prepare For A Trip To Italy

Are you planning a first-time trip to Italy? Then you’re safe with us. In this post, you’ll learn how to save money, learn about Italian customs, and get crucial travel advice so you may enjoy your vacation in Italy. How To Prepare For A Trip To Italy

With 58.3 million visitors every year, Italy is Europe’s third most visited country. This is undeniable since Italy is a stunning country with a rich history, aesthetically lovely and entrancing structures, a romantic ambiance, delectable cuisine, and world-class wines. Italy, without a doubt, has a lot to offer.

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Top Travellers Tips On How To Prepare For A Trip To Italy


Packing list for an Italian vacation
Here are some items to pack for a stress-free trip to Italy.

Lightweight baggage
The greatest way to see Italy is to travel light. Carrying a large-wheeled luggage with your daypack and other carry-ons will not only make you appear dumb, but it will also give you a throbbing backache at the end of the day.

Travel in comfort and style with a pack that is no larger than a 45-liter capacity pack that goes with any outfit. Bring an additional folding bag for souvenirs because, even if you don’t intend to spend much, you’ll undoubtedly come across a number of intriguing items while touring around.

The gorgeous sights are usually the main reason tourists visit Italy. When visiting Italy, you will undoubtedly need a camera to capture amazing photographs and cherish wonderful memories. If your phone’s camera shoots clear, high-resolution photographs, that will suffice to reduce the size of your pack.

Fashionable and comfortable footwear
In Italy, you can expect to walk a lot. As a tourist, you’ll spend most of your days walking with short intervals for relaxing, eating, and sight-seeing. Make sure your shoes are extremely comfortable because you’ll be on your feet all day, every day of your trip.

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Make sure your shoes are not only comfy but also fashionable. Even on casual situations, Italians are noted for their beautiful looks. Avoid wearing flip-flops, shorts, and tanks outside of sporting events or at the beach.

A light jacket or blazer for travel
Bring a light jacket or a travel blazer that will work with anything you plan to wear to look effortlessly attractive, no matter what outfit you pack. Even if you’re only wearing jeans and a shirt underneath, a stylish but neutral-looking jacket will elevate any ensemble and make you appear more put-together.

Additionally, wearing a jacket will keep you warm at night or protect you from the scorching heat of the sun during the summer.

Pants for travel
Shorts are prohibited when visiting Italy, as previously stated. Having a pair or two of lightweight and trendy travel pants will make your everyday clothing decisions easier. A nice pair of travel pants can be worn when roughing it on the streets or visiting a posh institution.

Elegant evening attire
For evening outings, such as dining at a high-end restaurant, it’s also a good idea to bring something dressier. For the ladies, a basic but attractive little black dress and a pair of heels would suffice. A pair of slacks and a well-fitting button-down, along with fashionable shoes, is a secure bet for men.

Medications for nausea (and other meds)
Expect to take a lot of boat rides, rail rides, and bus rides if you plan on touring the country. If you feel vehicle sick or seasick easily, bring an additional packet of anti-nausea medication with you.

Other emergency supplies like medicines for fevers, allergies, and diarrhea, as well as vitamins, might be beneficial to keep you comfortable and healthy throughout your journey.

Bottle of water
Did you know that Rome offers numerous drinking fountains where you may refill your water bottle whenever you become thirsty? It’s better to bring a water bottle to Italy because you can receive water for free instead of spending so much money on bottled water.

When not in use, a collapsible water bottle saves more room than a regular water bottle. Simply wrap up the bottle and slip it into the pocket of your daypack, then take it out when you need to refill and drink.

Adapter for power
You’ll need a power adaptor for your devices and other equipment, such as laptops and even blow dryers, if you’re coming from outside of Europe.

Although umbrellas are not permitted in carry-on luggage, a foldable travel umbrella should be included in checked luggage. It will not only keep you dry but also provide some instant shade if the weather is exceptionally hot and sunny. Umbrellas can be purchased in Italy, but they will likely be more expensive than bringing your own.

Before you get too enthusiastic and book your flight and accommodation in Italy, there are a few things you should be aware of.

1. Learn to communicate in Italian.

It is an excellent idea to study Italian before traveling to Italy. Learning a foreign language is essential, especially when visiting a country where English is not widely spoken. Italians, according to an article in Polyglot’s Corner, do not speak English fluently. In truth, this affects not only Italy but also other European countries.

If you visit Italy, you will notice a dearth of English-language media. The majority of entertainment TV series and films produced in the United States are translated into Italian.

Although you will find some Italians speaking a little English in most tourist areas, learning a little Italian can be beneficial and help you have a better time in Italy.

Here are a few online courses that will provide you with high-quality, in-depth Italian language instruction:

Beginner Conversational Italian
Italian in 3 Minutes
Course 2 of 3 Minute Italian
Course 3: 3 Minute Italian
Italian in 3 Minutes – Course Four Italian Building Structures – Structure 1 Italian Building Structures – Structure 2 Italian Building Structures – Structure Three\sItalian Quick Reference:

2. Italians greet each other with kisses

It is customary in Italy to greet familiar faces with air kisses on both cheeks. Men in southern Italy exclusively give kisses to their family members. Italians are known for their devotion, so don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with two kisses when you meet one. It is a traditional Italian greeting with a lengthy history.

When meeting someone new, most immigrants and visitors from other nations struggle with whether or not to “kiss or not to kiss.” A typical rule is to offer someone a little kiss on both sides of the cheeks to avoid embarrassment when greeting them. It suggests that unless you know each other well, your lips should not contact the other person’s cheek.

Another method is to pick up on the other person’s cues. You don’t want to bump your head, kiss someone on the lips, or accidently hit your nose with someone else.

3. Learn to communicate using your hands.

Perhaps you’ve seen Italians in movies making hand motions while speaking. It is not an exaggeration to picture Italians as using a lot of hand gestures while conversing. This is done to emphasize their emotions and thoughts.

So, if you’re having trouble expressing yourself verbally, try using your hands instead. Before making hand gestures, there are a few things you should know. Each gesture has its own significance. You can also highlight what you’re attempting to express with body language and hand gestures. This post will teach you how to use Italian hand gestures and body language like a native Italian.

4. Avoid tourist traps.

Because Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations, there are possible tourist traps all around the country. Even residents are victims of this, particularly while visiting Italy’s Rome, Florence, and Venice.

There are a few guidelines to follow to avoid some of the biggest hazards that many travelers to Italy encounter. Here are several examples:

Find out when is the ideal time to visit Italy. In southern Italy, for example, late June, July, and August can be quite hot and busy. In August, many locals are on vacation, and traffic in Milan, Florence, and Rome is light.
Avoid eating at restaurants and cafés near popular tourist attractions. It can be expensive.
Before attending a group tour, make sure you know how many people will be there.
Consider visiting some of the nearby popular towns and cities.
Use the services of a travel professional or agencies who are familiar with Italy.
When visiting with a large party, consider hiring private guides and drivers.
Do some online research on the sites you want to visit and look for Italian reviews.

5. Keep an eye out for petty theft and foul play near tourist attractions.

The crime rate in Italy is mild. However, extra caution is still advised, especially while utilizing public transit or visiting crowded areas. Petty crimes, such as pickpocketing and pocketbook snatching, are a severe concern in Italy.

Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in public settings. Keep your purse or bag in front of you at all times, and never put your money in your pocket or backpack. Put your valuables in a bag or a secret zipped pocket where no one will be able to see them. People who are attempting to solicit your assistance should be avoided. While some may be real, others may be attempting to defraud and rob you.

6. Consume local cuisine

This is most likely one of the activities you anticipate doing in Italy. Food! So dine like a local and enjoy Italian cuisine.

Enjoy a delicious pastry-like brioche (a croissant) and a cup of coffee, generally cappuccino, with your traditional Italian breakfast. The coffee culture in Italy is particularly distinct. Coffees with milk often drink only in the morning. When you order coffee, you’ll almost always get an espresso shot.

You can also have a savory breakfast with orange juice if you choose. Because there are so many places to eat in Italy, it might be daunting. So, before you travel to Italy, write a list of all the different dishes you wish to try.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for hidden or extra expenses in cafes and restaurants.
Il coperto, which is an Italian cover price, is a word used in Italy. In Italy, it signifies “cover,” or when a restaurant seat is taken. The additional price for each individual sitting at the table will surprise you when you receive your bill. In Italy, there are many cafes and restaurants where you can dine standing or sitting. As a result, before deciding to take a seat, you need first ascertain if the table is il coperto.





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