14 Best Anti Aging Fruits To Include In Your Diet

Anti aging is perhaps the most sought after beauty query since time immortal. We have grown up listening to fables and tales of beautiful princess, the bad, ugly witch, Prince Charming on his white horse and the mysterious ‘Fountain of Youth’. This quest for the ‘ultimate’ anti aging treatment has given birth to the various aggressive cosmetic treatments like Botox and Face lifts. With the entertainment industry repeatedly portraying ‘beauty’ synonymous with ‘youth’, the Anti-aging industry has experienced a worldwide boom in recent times. Now, what if I told you that you could actually slow down the aging process by following a few very simple anti aging diet? That I’m going to share the holy grail list of best anti aging fruits. Too good to be true!,Anti Aging Fruits To Include In Your Diet.

The truth is that nature is a person’s (and a woman’s!) finest “Beauty-buddy.” Mother Nature is incredibly knowledgeable about everything, including anti-aging foods. A few naturally occurring fruits are jam-packed with “anti-oxidants,” which is the key to looking young. Let’s look at some of the greatest fruits that, if consumed frequently, can help prevent wrinkles:

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List of Best Fruits that Fight Aging and Make you look Younger:

14 Best Anti Aging Fruits To Include In Your Diet

Anti Aging Fruits To Include In Your Diet
Anti Aging Fruits To Include In Your Diet

1. Avocado

Lately, Avocado has found a special place for itself in the ‘fad-diet’ menu-list. However, the fruit is true to its promise, as it is most effective when it comes to anti-aging. Its full of glutathione, a compound that unleashes the process of anti-aging. Apart from that, Avocado is also rich in Vitamin E and B, that have nourishing properties for the skin and the Potassium present in the fruit helps in keeping the skin moisturized. This almost sounds like going for a Facial appointment!

2. Peaches

‘Pretty as a Peach….’ And rightly so, as Peaches are known to make you pretty. Being a rich source of antioxidants such as Zeaxanthin and Lutien, Peaches provide protection from the UV rays. These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties that help repair skin-damage due to sun. Better still, the Flavonoids present in Peaches are also photo-protective and help against UV-induced skin damage. Now that makes sense as to why so many brands have exclusive ‘Peach’ as the main ingredient for their anti-aging products.

3. Kiwi

Due to its limited availability and consumption, kiwi may not be a highly popular choice. This tiny green fruit is one of the best fruits for preventing wrinkles because it is also a great source of antioxidants. The wonderful thing about kiwi is that in addition to having anti-aging benefits, it also protects against skin damage brought on by free radicals. You should include this superfood in your everyday diet.

4. Berries

Not only do the berries look pretty, they also help in keeping you pretty and young as they have anti aging properties. Berries are packed with high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which maintain the Collagen in the skin, thus, giving it a ‘firming-effect’.

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5. Apple

‘A for Apple and A for Anti-aging’. Literally, when applied all over the face, the enzymatic action of Apple retains the water levels in the skin, thus, making it soft, firm and supple and thus slows down aging. For even better results try using Apple Cider Vinegar which also doubles-up as an excellent skin-toner.

6. Figs

A powerful food in the fight against aging is the fig. Since ancient times, figs have been prized for their anti-aging effects since they are high in enzymes and polyphenols. The female hormone “estrogen,” which is thought to give women a young appearance, can be effectively replaced by figs. This hormone gives you a fuller-looking bust, shiny hair, and smooth skin. Our bodies naturally produce less estrogen as we get older, but you can naturally counteract this by eating figs frequently.

7. Apricot

Apricot is widely used in various skin-care cosmetics and rituals in the form of face-packs and creams. Raw Apricot is a rich source of Vitamin E, which when consumed on a regular basis gives skin the elasticity and firmness. For a more natural cosmetic approach, you can also pulp-up an Apricot and apply it all over your face as a nourishing pack. And not just that, add apricots to your anti aging diet.

8. Watermelon

Watermelon is the ideal fruit to use for at-home natural facials. You can eat the cold fruit and also put it all over your face to get rid of that sunburn because it is widely accessible during the hot, summer months. When it comes to being a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, watermelon is another superfruit. A fantastic fruit for body and skin anti-aging.

9. Pineapples

Pineapple might be a funny-looking fruit, but it has huge anti-aging benefits. You can make the most out of Pineapple either by applying its juice topically in combination with Honey and also regularly eating raw fruit. Pineapple is rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, which is known to slow down the process of aging.

10. Lycium Fruit

Seems novel? This is a fruit that grows in China and Tibet and is generally referred to as the “Goji Berry.” Have you ever wondered how Northwestern Chinese people manage to have such perfect skin? Your solution is the goji berry. A powerful fruit for preventing aging is lycium. Antioxidants help against skin deterioration and other related health issues, so eat plenty of Lycium Fruit and battle wrinkles away. An excellent addition to my list of anti-aging fruits.

11. Acai

While Acai has been a rather controversial fruit, however, its ant aging benefits have not been ruled out altogether either. As the fruit contains a good amount of Anthocyanins, it is a top contender for the ‘best ant aging fruits in the world’ so far. Anthocynins are known to boost the process of Metabolism and skin-repair. Acai is also recommended to keep Cancer at bay and to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases as well.

12. Citrus Fruits

Lemons and Oranges not only make a pretty picture in the Cocktail menu, but are known to help keep wrinkles away as well. Since these fruits contain huge amounts of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, they are your best natural anti aging treatment right out of the kitchen! Citrus fruits help boost the Collagen production, something that is vital when it comes to making your skin look supple and wrinkle-free.

13. Pomegranate

Collagen is the important component that is required to keep skin firm and wrinkle-free. Pomegranate is the ‘power-house’ of that precious collagen which gives skin its elasticity and suppleness.

14. Papaya

Every Indian knows the benefits of Papaya only too well. While this fruit is juicy and yummy, it also helps slow-down skin aging. Include Papaya in your daily dietary-supplement and also use it topically for skin-health benefits. This fruit helps brighten the complexion and reduces wrinkle formation as it has Vitamin A, E and C. Again one of the best fruits with anti aging properties.

There are still huge stocks of untapped secrets that lie hidden within the bosoms of Mother Earth. With the world going ‘organic’ lately, it only makes sense to incorporate more and more natural foods in to our diets. Though the list ends here, I would like to mention the good old Tomato as well. Since it is still a mystery if it is a fruit or a anti aging vegetable, nevertheless, it is THE ultimate ‘Holy-Grail’ of Ant aging benefits. Eating raw Tomato as salad, having Tomato soup for supper or applying Tomato-pulp all over your face, the benefits are innumerable. Slow aging is desired by almost every individual, so, why not ‘eat-your-way’ to youth! If you have good anti aging tips to share then do let us know.


Anti Aging Fruits To Include In Your Diet
Anti Aging Fruits To Include In Your Diet

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