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You know why? Because you are unique and special, and your hair is beautiful just like you! If You need some tips on growing your hair, check this guide on how to grow your hair long and beautiful

Grow Long Hair

With that being said, let's continue and happy hair care!

  • Hair and Care

Your crown, your beauty, your handsomeness it all depends on how you style, protect, treat and care for your hair. Caring for your hair is very tedious but productive and amazing!

Do you know?,

that your hair contains protein called keratin, keratin is a protective protein which can be found in one’s internal organs and glands, it is the structural building block of hair. Keratin is very essential in the growth of one’s hair.

Hair is a collection of dead cells that are arranged in a distinct three-layer pattern. (cuticle, medulla, cortex).

The cuticle is the outermost layer of our hair which comprises individual cuticles that overlap each other like the tiles on a roof.

The cortex is the middle and thickest layer which contains fibrous proteins that give the hair its color. The medulla is the central and innermost layer of the hair shaft.

Have you ever wondered why some hair product and cream help in maintaining people’s hair but not yours?

Caring for your hair depends on one’s hair porosity. Knowing your hair porosity will guide you in the type of treatment and care your hair needs.

Hair porosity is your hairs ability and capability to absorb and retain moisture, moisture is very essential in the growth of care and the porosity of your hair affects its retaining and absorbing ability for moisture to pass in and out of the outermost layer of one’s hair.

  • How then do I know the porosity of my hair?
  1. Get a clean container or bowl
  2. Fill it with water at room temperature

3.Take some strands of your hair (Make sure it’s clean)

  1. Place the clean hair into the bowl filled with water.
  2. Watch and observe it for 2-5 minutes

when your hair sinks immediately, it has HIGH POROSITY

If your hair is still floating it has LOW POROSITY

Your hair  sinking slowly means you have NORMAL POROSITY


  • Caring for low porosity Hair

Low porosity hair means it’s very difficult for your hair to allow moisture to be absorbed and retained into your hair shaft, this makes it harder for water to saturate your hair when its washed because the hair repels moisture.

When you have low porosity hair, you will always put plenty hair oil and product into your hair but it won’t get to the roots of your hair because the cuticles are so close together,.

much hair cream and oil will penetrate into your hair no matter the amount you apply. In low porosity hair, one must shampoo or wash the hair with warm or hot water, in doing so, the heat can lift the hair cuticles allowing oils and moisture to easily penetrate the hair shaft for rapid hair growth.

Also, shampoo your hair with products that contains honey and or glycerin. Honey and glycerin are very good ingredients that help open the hair cuticles.

  • Caring for high porosity Hair

High porosity hair either be an inherent property of hair or mostly the result of damage from chemical processing, rough treatment or environmental damage. high porosity hair has gaps and holes in the cuticle, which let too much moisture into your hair and leave it prone to frizz and tangling in humid weather.

Caring for high porosity hair is mostly costly since you have to be moisturizing it every day. In caring for high porosity hair, you have to be Incorporating protein treatments in your regimen to gain strength for the hair and not break frequently. Highly porous hair has holes in the hair shaft and protein treatment temporarily fills those holes and strengthens the hair.

Protein treatment are advised to be done on monthly biases. Also be deep conditioning your high porosity hair to help maintain nutrients in the hair and seal it with oils and hair butter such as Jamaican black castor oil, shea butter, olive oil and mango oil. With high porosity hair, do not mostly apply heat to your hair when drying since the hair cuticles are already opened, applying heat will make the hair break and more frizz, it’s good to use the old traditional way of drying hair.

Lastly for high porosity hair, carefully detangle your hair well by dividing it into sections and removing every knot before shampooing, in shampooing also avoid using harsh chemicals.

  • Caring for normal porosity hair

With Normal porosity hair, the cuticles aren’t too close together, but aren’t too open either. This allows moisture to penetrate easily, and it also makes it easier to retain moisture for a longer period of time. This is mostly the hair type people want to have.

It at times behaves like low porosity hair and most times behave like high porosity hair. With normal porosity hair, your hair is easy to style and can hold styles for a good length of time, your hair takes color well, your hair tends to look healthy, shiny, or glossy, it doesn’t take too long for your hair to air dry.

Caring for normal porosity hair is not all that tedious, you just have to at times treat it like low porosity hair and at times apply treatment like high porosity hair. Mostly its advisable to do a protein treatment once in three months and shampoo your hair with products infused with honey and apply oils to your hair 2-3 days’ intervals.

In caring for your hair, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet of proper food and consume more water to prevent hair breakage and also know your hair porosity even though Hair porosity may not be a term you often hair, but knowing what type of hair porosity you have can help you better understand how to manage, treat, and care for your hair and will help your hair grow better, longer, attractive and healthy. A healthy hair improves your confidence and makes you bold.

Hair!!! Your crown!!!!!  beauty!!!!  handsomeness!!!!








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