Here Are Some Skincare Products For Combination Skin

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Combination skin, which includes traits of both dry and oily, acne-prone skin, necessitates balancing your skin care routine on a tightrope. You don’t want to use anything that will completely dehydrate your skin or that will increase oil production and trigger breakouts. Derms frequently recommend a combination of acids for exfoliation, antioxidants for brightening and strengthening skin, and hydrators to maintain that delicate balance—while avoiding potential irritants like dyes. Skincare Products For Combination Skin.

To find the best new products for combination skin, we had a panel of testers (many of whom have combination skin) try out the latest from brands like Philosophy, Kiehl’s, and Murad, and rounded up some winners for every step of your skin-care routine, from cleansing and exfoliating to moisturizing and sunscreen application.


Here Are Some Skincare Products For Combination Skin

All of the goods featured on SELF have been hand-picked by our editors. We may receive an affiliate commission if you purchase something via one of our retail links. For clarity and length, reviews have been trimmed and shortened.

Kiehl’s is a moisturizer made by Kiehl’s.
Morgan Johnson/ Kiehl’s
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is the best moisturizer for combination skin.
The rich, frothy texture of Kiehl’s reintroduced Ultra Facial Cream was particularly appealing to our testers. The new recipe does away with parabens while maintaining a skin-friendly blend of superstar oils like squalane and hydrators like glycerin. It’s lightweight and never oily, which testers said is important for persons with combination skin (see below). The whole ingredient list may be seen here. (And if you’re curious about parabens, including whether or not you should be concerned about them, read more about the science here—very it’s subtle, and the long story short is that you shouldn’t be concerned.) But, if you’re concerned, rest assured that this product lacks them.)

Expert Bonus Points: This product contains acne-fighting salicylic acid, which physicians say may be beneficial for combination skin.

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“As someone with combination skin, I adored this moisturizer,” one tester said. It was thick and rich, yet it didn’t make my face feel heavy or sticky. It smelled lovely (really, it didn’t smell at all, which I prefer) and left my skin supple after just one use.”

For mixed skin, foaming cleansers are a good compromise: They’re not as greasy as an oil cleanser, and the foaming effect aids in the removal of debris and oil from your pores. This one from Révive Skincare received unanimous praise for its thick consistency, which made their skin feel exceptionally clean and smooth thanks to a blend of emollient oils and butters. It also contains antioxidants like vitamin E and green tea, which may help justify spending a bit more on a daily cleaner to repair damage caused by free radicals. The whole ingredient list may be seen here.

Just a heads up: This product contains scent, which our dermatologists advise you to avoid.

“This was my favorite cleanser,” one tester said. It’s incredibly creamy. It felt like freaking nirvana on my skin, and I used it every day. It’s thicker than other cleansers and has a fantastic consistency. It’s ideal for people with combination skin, like me. It gets rid of everything and leaves your face feeling incredibly clean without fully drying out your skin.”

The three best mineral sunscreens for combination skin are as follows: Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 by Beautycounter
This broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide performs a good job of blocking damaging UVA and UVB rays without making you look ghostly white (as mineral sunscreens sometimes do), which testers liked. A little goes a long way, and you can achieve good coverage by working a small amount of this substance into your skin at a time. The whole ingredient list may be seen here.

Bonus Points, According to the Experts: This lotion contains zinc oxide as a sunscreen, which is what dermatologists recommend.

“I truly enjoyed this one!” says the reviewer. During my vacation, I wore this sunscreen beneath my makeup for around four days. I just used a small amount because I’m used to sunscreens becoming white or chalky on people of color, but this one surprise didn’t. It’s also light and has a pleasant smell.”


4 Best Combination Skin Serums: Persian Silk Tree Bark White Willow Bark Apothecare Phyto Defend Serum Protection
This Apothecare serum (which comes in a spray bottle for quicker application) was universally praised by testers, who said it was lightweight and left their skin feeling silky smooth. Because it contains alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid and lactic acid, which can increase sensitivity to UV radiation, we recommend using it at night before bed. The good news is that you’ll wake up with a brighter, more even skin tone because both exfoliants increase cellular turnover. The whole ingredient list may be seen here.

Bonus Points, According to the Experts: This serum contains niacinamide and glycerin, two ingredients that our dermatologists recommend looking for in a serum for combination skin.

“Wow,” one tester exclaimed. This is a fantastic serum! It’s light, absorbs rapidly, and has no tackiness. My combination skin was left silky smooth, and fine wrinkles were greatly reduced. I even had a compliment from a coworker who said I looked revitalized! The aroma is pleasant and light. It is undeniably effective!”

The 5 Best Face Oils for Combination Skin are as follows: Natural Boho Aromatic Balance Face Serum with Oil
Although using face oils if you already have oily skin may seem paradoxical, this oil-based serum from botanic beauty brand Boho Aromatic was created specifically for acne-prone skin. It’s made up of antioxidant-rich oils and fruit extracts that assist to reduce inflammation and acne. Our testers chose it as their favorite and enthused about how revitalized their skin felt after using it. The whole ingredient list may be seen here.

Expert Bonus Points: This product is fragrance-free, which our dermatologists recommend.

“This brand was absolutely new to me, and I truly loved this serum/oil,” one tester said. I’m not a fan of natural skin care, but the floral aroma and thickness of this botanical blend drew me in. It had a thick, molasses-like texture to it, but it wasn’t sticky or anything on my face—it just felt incredibly hydrating. I’d recently returned from the Bahamas and my skin was parched, so this felt like a breath of fresh air when I put it on. I wouldn’t use it every day, but on evenings when my skin is dry and needs a little more TLC, I’ll definitely keep it on hand.”


Morgan Johnson/Morgan Johnson/Morgan Johnson/Morgan Johnson/Morgan Johnson/Morgan Johnson/
Care Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser and Toner is one of the best toners for combination skin.
Unlike other toners, which may be harsh and drying on skin, this newish skin-care brand Care’s combination micellar cleanser and toner contains hydrators like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to moisturise while it cleanses—without any alcohol. It also softly tones skin for a brighter appearance thanks to the willow bark extract (a typical exfoliator in toners). The whole ingredient list may be seen here.

“I really like this micellar toner!” said one tester. It removed the dirt left behind after cleansing but didn’t feel as drying as some other more typical toners, and it’s perfect for removing residual makeup at night. I’m done with harsh toners, and this is exactly what I needed.”


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7 Best Combination Skin Night Creams: Night Magic Rodial Pink Diamond Rodial Rodial Rodial Rodial Rodial Rodial Rodial Ro
Exfoliants like retinol, which can attack acne and aid with fine wrinkles at the same time, are often recommended by dermatologists for overnight skin care products. The delicate smell and jelly-like texture of this retinol-enhanced night lotion won over testers, as did the glowy, dewy skin results they reported experiencing in the morning. Vitamin C brightens the skin, and hydrators like hyaluronic acid and glycerin help you wake up with plump, dewy skin. The whole ingredient list may be seen here.

Bonus Points: This product contains retinol, which our dermatologists recommend looking for in a night cream.

“This night gel may be one of the nicest things I’ve ever used,” one tester said. This ointment smells like essential oils, but it’s not overpowering enough to make me feel sleepy. It has a dewy, glowy sheen that dries down to a smooth texture that didn’t smear all over my pillow. I’m not a huge lover of gel creams in general, but the texture and scent made me eager to use it before bed. My skin would be nourished the next morning, and my T-zone would be oil-free. I really liked the packaging—the application is done using a pump, which is highly hygienic. It’s something I’d strongly recommend!”

8\sBest Anti-Aging Cream for Combination Skin: Philosophy Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Worker
This anti-aging product from Philosophy, which gently brightens with vitamin C and helps firm skin with a spectrum of peptides, was a major hit with our testers if you’re searching for a nice vitamin C–based night cream. One reviewer even referred to it as “heaven on earth,” praising how quickly it changed the appearance of dull skin after only a week of use. The whole ingredient list may be seen here.



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