Skin Care By Hyram Routine

This Skin Care By Hyram Routine Will make your skin care routine the best you ever had! hyram skincare tips are great if you are looking for ways to improve your dry skin!

Skin Care By Hyram Routine

Skin Care By Hyram Routine
Skin Care By Hyram Routine

– Okay, I am not a pretty sight when I wash my face, I look like a fish gasping for air or gasping for water

They don’t gasp for air, they’re underwater, gasping for water

I am so excited to be able to show you my skincare routine, because I am usually used to reacting to skincare routines

I’m not used to showing other people my skincare routine and especially because it’s switching so often, I feel like there’s no sense of normalcy, but now I’m excited to reveal it to you guys, because so many of you have been asking and yeah, this is just gonna be fun, I’m looking forward to it


Also, I hope that you can appreciate that I’m wearing a robe because it’s low key 85 degrees, and I’m actually pretty hot, but you know what? I wanted to stick with wearing a robe because it’s a Go To Bed With Me

I don’t get this chance every day

You are also joined with me in my room, not in my bathroom because my bathroom is the size of a shoe box and I figured that you probably don’t wanna be seeing up my nostrils my entire skincare routine, so we’re here instead

So I may have to run in and out out to wash my face

I’m going to be using in total one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight products with one skincare tool

So nine products all together

I’m really excited to go through them because these are some new goodies that I found that I haven’t shared with many people

So, first thing I do is I use a cleansing balm, I’m specifically using the Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm

I like this one because, well, I like cleansing balms in general because they’re a great way of just dissolving the sunscreen and excess oil and dirt buildup that has accumulated throughout the day off of your skin

Cleansing oils are nice, but sometimes they can be a little bit messy, which is why I like cleansing balms

But typically I don’t go for a lot of cleansing balms because they have an ingredient called polyethylene, which is plastic

And I kind of don’t want to be putting plastic on my face and having it go down the drain

And this one is polyethylene free, which is why I really like it

So I usually just take a little bit, there’s some skincare ASMR

This stuff is like a mango smoothie on the skin

I love applying it because it applies so smoothly and it’s formulated with a lot of rich, hydrating oils that are really great for nourishing the skin, which I think is awesome because the cleansing system can usually be a little bit stripping to the skin

And a lot of people don’t realize that cleansing can be the most damaging part of the skincare routine if we’re not careful

And I really like that this one is formulated with so many oils to just really soften and nourish my skin

It does have fragrance and anyone who watches my channel knows that I do not like fragrance, but I’m okay with it in a wash off treatment

So in my wash off treatments is when I get to splurge a little bit, because it’s not gonna be on my face very long

It’s gonna be on there for like a maximum of 30 seconds before I rinse it off

So I’m not really gonna see any sensitivities or risks associated with fragrance

I make sure to get on my under eye area

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So I don’t forget there and just gently work it into the skin everywhere

I always used to think cleansing oils and cleansing balms were for people who wore makeup every day, but I actually think they should be used by everyone because sunscreen is a tricky little thing to get off your skin

And especially with the amount of sunscreen I wear, which is hint a lot, a lot every single day, I’m like anal about making sure I avoid the sun as much as possible

The cleansing balm is definitely smart for me

And then after I make sure I’ve gotten every part of my skin, I just rinse it off with water and then immediately go in with my cleanser, which I just do all in one swoop

My favorite cleanser, the one that I have to use all the time, otherwise my skin freaks out is the Youth To The People, kale and green tea spinach cleanser

This one, I don’t know why my skin gets so upset every time I discontinue using this from my routine, I’ll try to experiment with new cleansers and my skins like, what the heck, bro, why did you do that? So this one is a pretty integral part of my routine

I also really like it because I have combination to more oily skin and being that it is summer right now and Hawaiian, it’s very humid, of course

I tend to be really, really oily

So I need a cleanser that’s going to deeply cleanse my skin, get everything out of my pores to make sure that they’re not clogged, they’re not gonna accumulate dead skin cells and dirt over time

And this one does a great job of doing that

But my skin doesn’t feel overly stripped afterwards, which is tricky to find because some cleansers I find work so well that afterwards, my skin is like (gasp) gasping for water

It’s like the Sahara Desert

Again, so I’m gonna rinse off and start applying this

So usually I take about a full pump and it’s just gently massage it into my skin

Last time I did this on video, my eyes ended up burning so badly because I’m not used to having my eyes open while cleansing my skin and my eyes are very, very, very sensitive

So I’m gonna be very careful, maybe close my eyes for this

I found that sometimes this cleanser can be a little bit too harsh during the winter time because during the winter my skin tends to dry out a lot more, especially in the cheek area

It gets really, really dry

And anytime I travel to the mainland, whew, my skin gets so, so, so dry

I actually used to struggle with eczema a lot

Thankfully I don’t anymore, being in a more humid environment, but yeah, this cleanser really only works for when it’s particularly humid and my skin is being extra oily

Okay, once I feel that my skin is clean enough, I go over to the bathroom

I’m still not opening my eyes and this is gonna be a struggle trying to walk to the sink to wash my face off

But you know, I’m gonna do my best, wish me luck

Wow, I made it over to the bathroom with my eyes closed and I did not spill on my shirt, cha chow

Don’t always win that battle, but today I did, I guess, woo

Also if you notice that my skin is a little bit red, I have reactive skin, I don’t have sensitive skin

My skin can actually handle a lot of products, ingredients, testing, et cetera, et cetera, but it is reactive

If the wind blows my skin’s like inflammation instantly

Next I go in with a new step that I haven’t been using for very long, it’s the Isntree Green Tea Fresh Toner

Now, normally I’m not a big toner person, ’cause I don’t really feel that they’re necessary to a skincare routine, but this product, the first ingredient is green tea extract

The first ingredient, and it’s like super affordable and normally products with that high of a concentration of green tea, heck even less of a concentration of green tea are super, super expensive

So I was pleasantly surprised to find this

And I also don’t use a cotton pad

I just put it in my palms and pat it into my skin

You know, it’s funny, my nighttime routine was not always this complete

I used to be extremely bad at doing a nighttime routine, but once I figured out to put my nighttime skincare right next to my bed and all have my cellar water there to just like do my entire skincare routine while laying down, I slowly started getting into a nighttime skincare routine until now, which I’m like fully addicted

But for anyone out there who is struggling to keep up with a consistent nighttime routine, I’m always recommending that because it definitely helped my skin

I also really like using the ingredient green tea because it’s great for soothing inflammation, redness

It also may have some anti-aging benefits

It’s just overall a really good skin healing agent that I really like to use

So after that stuff, I make sure my skin is completely dry before I go in with the next one

And that’s important because the next product I use is from Versed, it’s the Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

Retinol is one of my favorite ingredients for just repairing so much damage within the skin

It’s so well-researched, there’s so many benefits to it and I think it’s a must, especially considering how much sun exposure I get here and just the stressors and the fact that I do age so quickly, retinol is a must step in my skincare routine

For a few months, I went off of retinol and I’ve been slowly making my way back into it

And this one’s a more gentle formula, so it’s better and more ideal to make sure that my skin doesn’t freak out when I start to use it

And I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and so far I’ve been really enjoying the experience

It’s funny though, so many people are like, “Oh my gosh, you can’t use retinol, “You’re too young to use retinol

” et cetera, et cetera and I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that the reason I started my skincare YouTube channel is because of aging that I was seeing in my skin

I had wrinkles all over my face, deep set one on my forehead, underneath my eyes

And before that, I never really thought anything of skincare

I thought it was just something like older ladies use because they wanted to feel fancy

But as soon as I started using the skincare and I started incorporating exfoliant’s into my skincare routine and retinol, I quickly realized that it was actually effective because the wrinkles in my face were going away

And now thankfully I’ve managed to keep them at bay for some time, we’ll see how long that lasts

I’m very expressive and I’m white, so I age like a raisin

So I just took two pumps of that and applied it into my skin

One of the reasons I like that one is because retinol typically, usually comes in very thick, heavy creams, and I wanna be able to utilize retinol, but also be able to apply other products on top of it afterwards

This one is a must in my skincare routine, the Great Barrier Relief from Krave Beauty

When I first found this product, I was in such a dark place

I don’t know where I was before this, this like saved my skin

Which sounds dramatic, but hello, that’s me

This one I specifically love because what it focuses on is helping to repair the skin’s moisture barrier

And I think what we don’t realize is that we tend to just pummel our skin with so many treatments

At least I do, so that sometimes I forget that, you know, the health of the skin is just as important as seeing results

And those two things are not interchangeable

Your skin can be seeing really good results in terms of like exfoliation and retinol, but not be adequately healthy

And this is a great product for just making sure that my moisture barrier is as strong as possible

And when I started using this product, I immediately noticed that the redness in my face was gone

My skin was more hydrated, I didn’t need to worry about as much accessible oiliness throughout the day because it’s formulated with niacinamide

It has to tamanu oil, so I started noticing a brightness and getting rid of dark spots and sun spots on my face, just so many different benefits that I started noticing from this product

So after I apply that product, I go in with a final moisturizer because this alone, it can be used as a moisturizer, but I would say it doesn’t have enough inclusive agents to really form the protective seal to prevent me from losing water through my skin overnight

If you know that process, it’s called transepidermal water loss, I am constantly talking about it, but I just wanna always make sure that I have a final seal to prevent any of that water loss

But I don’t like going in with really heavy creams after doing this many products, which is why I have been absolutely loving the Rovectin Clean Water Cream

It comes with little stickers that you can put up the bottle, so I customize my own

It’s cute

This one I love because it’s formulated with a crazy high concentration of Lotus, which is great for reducing sensitivity and irritation in the face and also for potentially being anti-aging and antioxidant properties

But I specifically love this one because it’s a very lightweight water cream

So absorbs into the skin so quickly and does not feel heavy

I’ve actually been really liking using this one during the day because I can ensure that it will not make my skin look really oily or greasy

Something that’s really important to me, particularly during the summer

I always make sure I apply on the neck

Funny enough, dragging upwards on my neck actually creates a lot of redness and irritation

So I usually just pat it into my neck and what I also do with my moisturizer is I always make sure to pat it into my skin afterwards, because I don’t know why, maybe this is true, maybe it’s not true, but I feel like my products absorb so much better once I pat it into my skin

And I don’t know if that’s because it’s actually being absorbed by the skin more or if it’s just being absorbed by my fingers more

I have no idea, let me know down below, ’cause I would love to know the scientific explanation behind that

As some of you may notice that most of these products are actually Korean and that’s because I love Korean skincare

I just feel like it encapsulates so much of just the modern, innovative perspective that Korean skincare technology can bring and just incredible ingredients and formulas

Just everything that I love about skincare in non irritating formulas

One thing that’s very prevalent on my channel in terms of messaging is going towards skincare that’s not going to irritate your skin, but contribute to the health of your skin

And that’s something that I definitely try to focus on within my own skincare routine

Sometimes I wish I could just be like a model when I apply my skincare routine like

But no, it’s like World War Three over here on my face, I’ve gotten better, I’ve gotten a lot better

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I used to be like man handling my face when I applied my skincare routine

Now I’m much more gentle, but that doesn’t mean it’s beautiful

So I apologize to anyone who’s watching

All right, once I pop that into my skin, I go in with lips next because my lips tend to get really dry and I think overnight is a great time for me to just make sure I’m really moisturizing my lips so I don’t have to apply a lip balm as much throughout the day

The one that I’ve been really loving is the Milk Makeup Melatonin Lip Mask

I think there’s a lot of like underrated benefits to melatonin in skincare and I specifically like this one because it’s very thick

It’s very hydrating and it’s gonna make sure that I do not wake up with dry lips

The only thing I don’t like about this one is that it is formulated with lavender oil

So, to me that I would consider that fragrance, but with lip products, it’s so hard to find fragrance-free formulas that are actually really effective at keeping the skin moist overnight

And this one works really well

(lips popping) Okay, and then for the final step, I go in with the skincare tool that I actually have not talked about on my channel before

So I’m so excited to provide an exclusive look into my skincare routine

It’s actually a Cooling Globe and it would be Cooling Globes, plural, if I hadn’t have broken the other one and it leaked out everywhere and got onto my carpet and stained it

So love that

But you know, I just have one for now, but it’s okay, it’s the same tool, it’s just takes double the time, but it’s still so nice

I love using this both at nighttime or in the morning, specifically in the morning on the under eye area, because it really de-puffs the face

But overall, I just like it because typically with a lot of these like cooling tools that I’ve used in the past, sometimes they create such a heavy layer of like condensation on the outside that it almost feels like you’re just kind of smothering water all over your face

And it feels like it’s almost breaking up the skincare formula, but this one, I never noticed that

It really glides across the skin, helps to further push your skincare products into your skin without leaving traces of water across the surface of your skin

And I always just leave this in the fridge overnight

And I always try to move it upwards in a lifting motion, ’cause there’s really no reason to be dragging downwards, like your skin does not like that

It does not mean more gravitational pull

No sir, not today

Normally when I have to, I do it so pretty

I’m not like Mr T-Rex Claws, trying to push it all over my face, normally it’s very like visually aesthetic, but alas the second one broke, but thankfully these ones are actually really affordable

I got this from Sephora and I think they’re like 20 bucks, so not bad

We stand affordability

And I like to go on the neck as well and just push upwards

And this is just such a nice step just to like, (sigh) calm down, you know, focus on just like self care time

I think sometimes even with me, I tend to be so rushed in my life that I really rush through my skincare routine and using this is kind of a moment for me to just reflect and think about the self care part of skincare and have like a little bit of a meditative moment

I know I’m definitely guilty of looking at skincare from a utility standpoint where I’m like, “I have this problem, how do I fix it? “Let me use that, as fast as possible

” And that’s not usually the best way to go about using skincare

I think self care and indulgence and meditation is just as important for a skincare routine as is utility and repairing a problem within the skin

And I think tapping into both of those is where you can really find a passion for skincare

That’s definitely what turned it from just an interest into a passion for me, and also just being able to feel so good about yourself once you start seeing good results within your skin

I think it’s so powerful

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And that’s one thing on my channel that I think brings me the most joy

True, true joy is seeing how people’s skin has improved per recommendation of other creators or me, and seeing just the confidence that comes along with their skin being glowy, healthy, happy

Ugh, it’s just, it’s so cool to see how much of positive difference it’s made in people’s lives

And it’s what drives me to keep doing what I do

Actually before getting into cosmetics, I struggled with a severe eating disorder and it was really difficult to find, well, I had never had a moment where I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself, “Wow, I’m beautiful

” You know, and it wasn’t until I started using cosmetics that it really unlocked that opportunity for me to see the beauty within myself

And it wasn’t about the products, It wasn’t about anything, you know, material

It was just a pathway to be able to open my eyes to my beauty that I possess, inner and outer

And that’s one thing I just love about skin care is that I think sometimes it can really be the unnecessary key to unlocking the door of confidence for a lot of people

It’s not the confidence itself, it opens up an opportunity for people to be able to see themselves in a better light

And what price can you put on that

Once I started recognizing my own beauty, that’s when the recovery became a lot easier, a lot more enjoyable to manage as I slowly got better

And I think everyone deserves to see themselves in that same light

I don’t think anyone should be excluded from seeing the beauty within themselves

Wow, we’re getting emotional

No, not really

See, this is why I love this part of the skincare routine, I can just

(sigh) Have this reflective, meditative moment and you guys just got to be with me for that, so double bonus

Oh right, and after we finish that, I am finished with my skincare routine and this is where I pass out

I knock out, I wake up glowy, happy and hydrated, which is the goal always

But yeah, this was my entire skincare routine

I hope each of you really enjoyed watching

I know I definitely had fun, as I usually don’t get to, you know, show my own skincare routine

Thank you to all of the people who are watching this

And I can’t wait to see if any of you react to my skincare routine and roast me because I will be looking forward to every shady comment

But thank you so much everyone

And I will see you in the next video, mwah

Skin Care By Hyram Routine
Skin Care By Hyram Routine

There you have it, Skin Care By Hyram Routine

Have you tried this Skin Care By Hyram Routine?

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