Here Are Some Best Facial Massage Techniques That Will Change Your Look

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We’re about to let you in on a little secret if you’ve ever complimented your skin after treatment and thought, “That glow, though!” A well-executed facial massage is one of the keys to a radiant, ageless complexion. Face massage not only relieves tension, but it also improves circulation, gives your skin an instant lift, and aids product absorption. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of face massage and how to do one at home. Best Facial Massage Techniques

Here Are Some Best Facial Massage Techniques That Will Change Your Look


What Is Facial Massage and How Does It Work?

Facial massage has changed tremendously throughout the years, with roots in China, Mexico, Hungary, and Sweden. “Therapeutic massage began roughly 4,500 years ago and has grown into the discovery of facial lifting massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Swedish-style, and other modalities,” explains Eminence Organics International Trainer Brian Goodwin. The concepts of body massage are applied to the muscles of the face in facial massage. This not only relieves face stress (which causes fine lines and wrinkles), but it also improves blood and lymph circulation, which helps to renew the skin.

The Advantages Of Facial Massage

“The main advantages of massage lay in massaging what is beneath the skin,” Brian says. He compares the skin’s structure to that of a house: It has a canopy (epidermal tissue), a framework (dermal tissue), and a foundation (epidermal tissue) (subcutaneous, adipose and muscle tissue). Skin problems and disorders aren’t limited to the roof; they might impact the foundation as well. We can treat skin disorders from the foundation up by applying active and targeted pressure to the muscles of the face, resulting in better and longer-lasting results.

skin structure infographic

Here’s a closer look at the skin’s benefits of face massage.

Blood Circulation Is Boosted
According to a 2018 study, stimulating the skin with a five-minute face massage can boost blood flow for up to ten minutes. More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the skin as a result of increased blood flow, both of which are necessary for the skin to perform its duties.

Greater blood flow produces an immediate shine as blood rises to the surface, infusing the skin with radiance from the inside out. The long-term effect is increased and more efficient collagen and elastin production, which contributes to a more resilient and stronger complexion over time.

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The Lymphatic System Is Activated
The lymphatic system is the body’s garbage disposal system, assisting in the removal of waste and poisons from all human tissues, including the skin. “Our lifestyles tend to impede the lymphatic system from completing its function due to the sedentary nature of our lives,” Brian explains. Toxins build up and obstruct our lymph nodes when it becomes sluggish, creating puffy skin.

Lymphatic drainage is a mild massage method that promotes lymph fluid flow throughout the body. This massage focuses on the lymph nodes in the neck and under the ears, which aid in the removal of toxins and waste. As a result, swelling is reduced and the skin is “de-puffed.”

Skin is lifted and plumped.
From furrowed brows to pursed lips and clinched jaws, we have a lot of tension in our faces. When the muscles beneath our skin are youthful and powerful (about 43, to be exact), they can quickly recover from facial stress. “These muscles lose tone over time, and the foundation begins to slip,” Brian explains. We observe jowls form, loosening of the tissue around the eyes, and an overall drooped aspect for the entire face when the foundation slips.” Fine lines and wrinkles might appear as these folds deepen (we’re looking at you, forehead lines).

With time, these muscles lose tone, and the foundation begins to sag. We observe jowls grow, loosening of the tissue around the eyes, and an overall drooped aspect for the entire face when the foundation slips.

Facial massage works as a non-surgical face lift by toning the muscles beneath the skin. The more you exercise these muscles, the stronger they become, just like the rest of your body. Facial massage (and even face yoga) can assist to increase the skin’s strength and resilience over time, reducing wrinkles and keeping the skin tight, firm, and lifted.

Product Absorption is Improved
Massage also aids in the uptake of active elements in your favorite skin care products. The heat produced by your hands and the stimulation of your facial muscles makes the skin more receptive to product absorption. Key chemicals can more easily reach the deeper layers of the skin (the foundation) to treat specific skin issues and disorders, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Convinced? Here’s How To Do Facial Massage At Home. Give yourself a treat at home by following these facial massage instructions.

1. Wash your hands and face.

Always (always) begin with a fresh canvas. Cleanse and remove all makeup from your face. Also, make sure your hands are clean to avoid transferring bacteria to your freshly scrubbed face. The last thing you want to do is reintroduce dirt and grime to your skin.

2. Holding a warm product

Slip is the key to an effective facial massage. You should never feel like you’re pulling or dragging your skin. A small bit of serum, oil, or concentrate lets your fingertips glide across your face more easily, ensuring that the actives reach your skin’s deepest layers. Simply place a tiny quantity of product in your palms and rub it into your hands and fingertips to evenly distribute it. Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil is our favorite. Choose our Stone Crop Cleansing Oil to combine the massage with the cleansing process.

3. Apply firm but gentle pressure

Apply sufficient pressure so that you can feel and move the muscles beneath the skin. “When it comes to massage, work with muscle, not just the surface of the skin,” Brian recommends, “and use pressure with purpose.” However, don’t overdo it on your skin. A facial massage differs from a deep tissue massage in the following ways: Apply hard pressure while remaining soft.

When it comes to massage, work with muscle rather than just the surface of the skin, and apply pressure with intention.

4. Begin by massaging the lymphatic system.

Start by waking up your lymphatic system. Massage the lymph nodes under your ears and along the sides of your neck with the tips of your fingers. Sweep large circles from between your ears to your throat, then back up along your jawline. This will encourage the build-up that makes you puffy or swollen to move around.

5. Knead Your Face On The Sides

After that, concentrate on the sides of your face. Massage the border of your face, down the sides of your jaw, and up across your cheekbones in circular motions. Remember to pull your skin upwards rather than downwards. This will assist in lifting sagging skin and preventing additional drooping. Repeat for two to three minutes, focusing on the parts of your body where you are most tense (typically around the jaw).


6. Forehead Lines That Are Smooth

Now let’s talk about those annoying forehead lines. Slide your fingers between your brows and up your forehead carefully. Rep the motion across your forehead, drawing the skin up and out gently. Massaging against (rather than with) the lines will help to smooth them out in the appropriate direction.

7. Pay special attention to the area around the eyes.

The ocular area comes next. Always use utmost caution in this area, as the skin is thinner and more vulnerable. Place your fingers on either side of your nose and run them up to your temples. This action will aid in the reduction of puffiness, the lifting of drooping skin, and the “awakening” of the eye area.

8. Finally, work on your neck and decolletage.

Finally, concentrate on the neck and decolletage. Massage your skin from your chest to your neck and jawline with soft, vertical strokes. This will aid in the reactivation of the lymphatic system as well as the smoothing out of any fine wrinkles that have formed in this sometimes overlooked area.

Face Yoga Can Be Done At Home

You can do face yoga now that you’ve had a facial massage to get the blood flowing in that area. Bring your shoulders down to relax and release tension in your upper body. Then, gently glide the tops of your knuckles across your forehead to the temples. Take a deep breath and exhale as your knuckles cross your forehead while providing this moderate pressure. You can repeat this four or five times, or until you feel completely calm. Take three fingers and lightly tap the temple on the other side with them.

Stretching out your neck is another face yoga practice. Start by straightening your head, releasing your shoulders, and reaching towards the opposite side of your head with your hand. Stretch your neck and shoulders gently for three seconds after placing your fingers on the other side of your head. Rep on the opposite side.

Exercising Your Pucker Lips

This is a lot of fun! You should pucker your lips to the left and then to the right, following the orientation of your lips with your head. To begin, move your head to the left while you twist your lips to the left, elevating it to a 45-degree angle. Keep your hands in this posture for three seconds. Rep on the right side, turning your lips and head to the right while maintaining a 45-degree tilt in your head. Hold the position for three seconds. Rep this exercise five times more.

Allow yourself to be pampered with an eye massage.

Circle under and around the eyes, over the brow area, halting at the temples with two fingers. This can be repeated five times. Place your index finger on your top lip and your middle finger below your lower lip for another eye exercise. Then sweep up five times on each side all the way to the temple.

A Forehead Massage Can Help You Unwind

On each side, sweep 10 fingers up to the temple five times. Sweep your fingers up to the hairline after placing your fingertips around the eyes. Bring your fingertips down the side of your face and neck to finish.




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