Ernestina Abambila

Black Princess star Ernestina Abambila has joined Assi IF, in Sweden



Ernestina Abambila

Ernestina Abambila
Ernestina Abambila


Abambila is an ambipedal player who is

happy with playing as a right-back,

focus back and focal midfielder.

She’s an insightful interceptor of the ball, while likewise clever under lock and key, equipped for showering extensive passes,

keeping the game straightforward,

or executing the executioner balls that truly matter; likes to shoot

without hesitation and furthermore a dead-ball expert.

She realizes what to do when,

and hence making her a resource for her group.

Conceived in Sekondi, her ability

was spotted at a youthful age.

She was constantly observed

playing keepy-uppy with her senior sibling and father.

Against the scenery of colossal measurements,

disdain and downsides that female football

advancements endure,

Abambila was not the least bothered

but rather was resolved to battle her way to the top.

“Football began when I was conceived,

“I was naturally introduced to a

family fixated on football.” It wasn’t simple growing up as a female

footballer in my locale, “she told in a meeting.

“My mum was against my choice to play football

since she was of the conviction that labor will be

hard for me one day however my father

and senior sibling who have been

strong of my choice to play football worked her out of that idea.

I was dismissed by companions since they

thought I was accomplishing something

odd however they comprehend

me now and I guarantee to do right by them

by drawing my name in football old stories.

“She said without a scintilla of uncertainty or delay.

Abambila was poached by

Hasaacas women while playing for

her school in the Inter-Schools football rivalry. Amusingly enough,

she was in class 3 however was highlighting for the JHS group.

The scouts of Hasaacas Ladies present

were awed by her ability and were

left with no choice than urge her

into going along with them-a a

solicitation Abambila readily acknowledged.

She turned into a vital individual from Hasaacas Ladies

and was exceptionally compelling

in the club winning the 2012/13 and 2013/14 National Women’s League titles.

Her predictable exhibitions for Hasaacas

Ladies earned her a spot operating at a profit Maidens group that spoke to

Ghana in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup

facilitated by Costa Rica. She had her

introduction in Ghana’s match against

North Korea-a game the ladies won.

“Playing in the World Cup was an awesome encounter.

I took in numerous things from that challenge

which have been of gigantic assistance to me.

It is an encounter I’ll always remember, I’m happy I settled on the correct decision.”

Abambila joined Mississippi Valley State after the competition.

She proceeded to show up in 2016 yet

this time at the FIFA U-20 Women’s World

Cup in 2016 facilitated by Papua New Guinea.

The Black Princesses completed last of the

gathering that had France, USA and New Zealand.

Abambila who was perhaps the most brilliant spot

operating at a profit Princesses group was again

sought after by a great deal of clubs yet she selected join

Youngstown State in the United States.

Right now with Swedish Division 2 side

after successful negotiating with the Club.,

she assumed an essential job in the club’s twofold (alliance and FA cup) winning accomplishment in 2017 and

furthermore turned into the principal

Ghanaian to score in the UEFA women’s Champions League when ZFK Minsk beat Ljubljana in the

gathering phase of the 2017-18 UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Though the Bermuda triangle includes unmistakably in geology as a region in the Atlantic locale of Bermuda, Florida and Puerto

Rico where flights and cruising vessels are powerless, her smoothness, ability and proclivities consistently as vital as a trap

has constrained individuals to name her a

district as Bermuda, inferring how unsafe she can be in halting marksmen, cutting them down and denying them of balls.

Abambila would make her third FIFA World Cup

Appearance not long from now as the Black Princesses edged past Cameroon to book a pass to France for the Mundial.

She was gigantic in the battle, with her battling soul, vitality and savagery in midfield epitomizing her chief’s way of thinking.

As ever, the confrontational midfielder

was constantly observed establishing the pace flawlessly for her side by flying into handles,

squeezing persistently and following

back tenaciously, as her physicality agitates her adversaries and even recorded an objective against Cameroon.

Not the sort to turn off when on holiday,

she is a self-admitted football nerd who cautiously examines her measurements and

attempts to improve every day.

Really, there’s an upsurge in her play, including more prominent physical edge and administration

quality to her thriving quality.

Her amazing exhibitions have made her a good example to best in class footballers, considering the

the advantageous uncommonness of the

panache and male machismo

she shows and declares

in building a fortification for the

midfield branch of the game, where she controls

and directions a football regiment.

She’s absurdly hopeful of playing for

Chelsea Ladies sooner rather than later.

“I would like to understand my fantasy about playing for

Chelsea Ladies and ideally win the Champions

League with them. I realize it takes a ton of

hard work and assurance to arrive so

despite everything I’m endeavoring to get it going.”


Ernestina Abambila
Ernestina Abambila


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