Awesome Skin Care Routine For 35 Year Old You Should Know

There are things in life that make complete sense. You always spread butter on your toast before the jam, you’d never watch the last episode of a series first and you wouldn’t dream of wearing your sports bra over your top. Where skincare is concerned, it makes sense to use products designed for your age group, right? skin care routine for 35 year old

Trouble is, knowing what the best skincare routine to use in your 30s is can be a minefield. Not only that, but this is the decade where fine lines, dullness and dryness are showing up on your face quicker than invites to weddings and baby showers, thanks to slowing skin cell turnover and the accrued impact of environmental and genetic ageing.

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Add in fresh levels of stress – perhaps more seniority at work or fertility struggles – and it’s easy to see how your complexion is starting to change.

But, by making a few simple changes in your skincare regime will make a huge difference. So what are the skincare must-haves for 30+ skin? Note pads at the ready, here’s a deep dive into how to create a beauty routine in your 30s.

Awesome Skin Care Routine For 35 Year Old You Should Know


Why does your 30s skincare routine matter?

Let’s start by talking about how your skin has changed since you were in your 20s. Your hormone levels start to drop in your 30s, and your body produces less collagen and elastin at a slower rate. In your thirties, cell turnover slows down and skin doesn’t recover as quickly, as Eden Skin Clinic’s Lorraine Scrivener says.

How you looked after your skin previously will play a part in the ageing process and you’re certainly not on your own if you’ve maybe been a little careless with your complexion.

‘Most of us will have some evidence of late nights and UV damage by the time we hit thirty’, says Dr Anita Sturnham, a GP specialising in dermatology and the founder of Nuriss clinics.

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If fine lines weren’t enough to deal with, you may also find that your skin is either newly dry or oily. However, all is not lost here – there are plenty of high power products that can combat dehydrated skin and rebalance your complexion.

But there are plenty of treatments and products out there to help restore and repair your skin. You can have great skin at any age, it’s just as you get older, you have to be a little better at looking after it.

Is it OK to use retinol in your 30s?

Yes, using targeted products in your 30s with potent active ingredients is a wonderful idea. These are the formulas that will work the best for anti-ageing, even though some treatments, like the potent vitamin A derivative retinol, should only be used sparingly at first (it might irritate and dry up particular skin types).

For those with sensitive skin types, look to retinol alternative bakuchiol. Derived from the Indian babchi plant, this natural wonder is said to work on your fine lines, brighten, reduce the appearance of pores and more.

Is it too late to start a skincare routine in your 30s?

It’s never ‘too late’ to start investing in your skincare. Of course, prevention is better than cure – so the earlier you start taking time to nourish and take care of your skin the better. If you’re unsure where to start, make it a priority to remove your make-up every night, make sure you’re wearing SPF every day and add a hydrating serum into your morning and evening routine.

What serums should you use in your 30s?

Brightening, hydrating, anti-ageing – you name it, there’s a serum out there somewhere promising to deliver your every desire. But when it comes to specific serums to use on 30s skin, that will first and foremost depend on your skin type and concern.

A ceramide-rich serum, such as the Elizabeth ArdenAdvanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, may be a good choice if your skin is sensitive and dry because it seals in moisture and safeguards the crucial skin barrier. Or maybe your skin has recently started to lose a little of its radiance. In that case, meet Drunk Elephant’s C-firma Fresh Day Serum, which uses ferulic acid and vitamin C to preserve your skin and restore its radiance. To view our guide to serums and actives, scroll down to the section below.

What anti-ageing products should you use in your 30s?

What should 30 year olds put on their faces?
When it comes to the best skincare routine for 30s skin, let’s start with some expert golden rules, before moving into the products and ingredients to try.


1. Ditch the wipes

Your twenties might have been filled with the convenience of taking off makeup with a face wipe, but your skin isn’t as resilient in your thirties.

‘Wipes are too abrasive for your skin in your thirties’, explains Scrivener. ‘They might also contain alcohol, to remove makeup quickly, which can disturb your skin’s natural barrier function, leading to sensitivity and dehydration’.

2. Be gentle

The appropriate products must be used in order to maintain healthy skin because, according to a La Roche Posay survey, 62% of women report having reactive, irritable, and intolerant skin. It’s also simple to become fixated on active ingredients and acids, but keep in mind that your skin also has to be taken care of. Don’t go too far.

3. Don’t be scared to see a dermatologist

Lots of women experience changes in their skin post 30. Things like adult acne, pigmentation, and rosacea, commonly come along as our bodies start to change.

Work and life stresses can play a part, as well as other factors like hormones and diet, and it’s really not just you who may be experiencing something new when it comes to your skin.

Many women who have skin disorders think they’ll get better and go gone on their own. However, continuing with something that is unpleasant you is never a wise decision. Rosacea and other similar conditions don’t just go away; if left untreated, they can get worse and be harder to treat.

Dermatologists won’t hurt you, so don’t be afraid. Additionally, a growing variety of online dermatological services have emerged throughout the years, making it simpler than ever to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.


There is GetHarley, an online platform for consultations that connects you with some of London’s most in-demand skincare professionals. Dr. Alia Ahmed, a psycho-dermatologist who treats skin conditions using a combination of psychological therapy and medication, Dr. Sophie Shotter, an award-winning aesthetic physician, Dr. Jo Mennie, a specialist in women’s health who handles the pregnancy and nursing consultations, are all on its staff. The ability for dermatologists and aestheticians to provide prescription-only goods from companies like Dr. Obagi and Skinbetter Science is another benefit of this platform.

Additionally, Dermatica and Skin+Me work to fill the gap between general practitioners and consultant dermatologists. How does it function? You will have a digital consultation with a licensed dermatologist after submitting images of your face, and they will create a custom treatment plan for you. The products that have been prescribed are then created by a group of pharmacists.


Personalised formulas only contain ingredients that have been through clinical trials. Think: metronidazole for rosacea, benzoyl peroxide for blocked pores and retinoidsfor lines and wrinkles. That the concentrations of actives gradually increase over time also ensuresthe best results. If you have a skincare issue that needs addressing, these are the websites to visit.

4. Micellar waters are not ‘proper’ cleansers

Skincare guru Caroline Hirons believes micellar waters are great if you’re in a spot with no water, think planes, festivals, gyms and the like, but they’re not to be used in place of washing your face.

Use them to remove make-up? Sure. Just be sure to follow with your normal cleanser or face wash. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

5. Spend your money on the middle of your routine

Another piece of advice from Hirons is to “invest where you can in the middle of your routine.” Basically, you should spend your money on serums and active ingredients rather than cleansers and moisturizers. This is because serums are more expensive because they are more difficult to make and call for more expensive ingredients.


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