79+ Christmas Nail Designs To Rock This Winter!

Winter is upon us, and while most people dread the snow, cold and darker weather, we must remember that the season of gold, glitter and all that shimmers is on its way!  And if glitter eyeshadows or candy cane lips aren’t your thing, maybe some winter-themed holiday nails can bring a twinkle to your eye?

From full on acrylic nail art to simple, yet stunning winter manicures, I’m sharing a whopping 70+ winter nail designs and polish colours that are sure to bring some inspiration to your next salon appointment this festive season. I’ve also linked to all of the Instagram profiles for each nail pic, so you can find some great nail experts to follow on your feed!

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1 – Gold Snowflakes from @matuszewsk.a

gold winter nails designs for holidays

2 – Pink & White Festive Acrylic Nails from @home_of_deva
acrylic nail ideas for christmas

3 – Green Plaid from @thebeautyroombysarah

green plaid festive nail designs

4 – Blue, White & Matte Winter Nails by @bornprettystore

matte acrylic nail designs for winter

5  – Winter Snowflakes by @the.artsy.nails

winter Christmas snowflake nail designs in gray

6 – Gold & White Shimmer  from @elegancja_paulina

white and gold nail designs for christmas

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7 – Gray Plaid Nails by @taryns.nails

gray plaid winter nail design

8 – Purple and Gold Nails by @nailprof.ru

purple and gold tipped manicure christmas nail designs

9 – Soft Pink Acrylics by @jet_set_beauty_nails

pink acrylic holiday nail design

10 – Blue Glitter Nails from @thebeautyroombysarah

blue glitter winter nail colors

11 – Hot Pink Holiday Nails by @zakolorovana_indigo_educator

holiday nail designs acrylic

12 – Pine Trees by @beauty_basecoat

pine tree nail art for winter

13 – Warm Red Glitter Nails by @paula.nailsart

warm red christmas nail designs

14 – Mauve & Snowflakes by @paula.nailsart

holiday nail designs with shimmer

15 – Beige & Gold Glitter by @donatam_nails

gold and beige christmas nail design idea

16 – Soft Matte Pink Nails by @ujvary_aneta

acrylic snowflake nail designs festive

17 – Black & White Nails by @monika_rola_educator

black snowflake bow christmas nail designs. winter nail design ideas.

18 – Gold Glitter Nails by @dangerouslypolished

gold glitter christmas nail polish. nail design ideas for winter holidays and new years

19 – Rose Gold Glitter & Nude by @nelia_nails_ch

christmas rose gold nail color ideas

20 – Nude Gingerbeard Nails by @____annails____

mocha gingerbread christmas nail art designs. acrylic christmas nail art

21 – Orange & Red Nails by @sylwia_nailss

red and orange winter nails

22 – Dark Blue & Glitter Nails by @perfectlypolishedwithkay

dark blue and silver snowflake glitter christmas nail design

23 – Blue Gray Nails from @sophiastylianou_

Blue gray winter nail colors

24 – Candy Cane Nails by @marcipazur

candy cane holiday nail designs

25 – Dark Green Nails by @paznokcie_czasopismo

26 – Red, Green & Gold Plaid Nails by @hi_fancy


27 – Star Nails by @m.blaszczyk_indigo

star nail designs christmas

28 – Blue Reindeer Nails from @zmalowana_ana

blue reindeer winter nail designs

29 – Multi-Color Nails by @magpiebeautyusa

best winter nail designs

30 – Green Glitter by @nails_by_l92

35 – Black & White Nails by @nail_prophecy

black and white holiday nail designs

36 – Gold Glitter Reindeer Nails by @ewuleeek

gold glitter reindeer christmas nail designs. christmas nail ideas. winter holiday nails acrylic.

37 – Red, White & Pink Nails by @adriannawysocka

christmas nail design ideas red

38 – Green and Gold Nails by @pb_nails_poland

green and gold holiday winter nail design ideas

39 –  Soft Pink Plaid Nails from @laurabeare_beauty

pink plaid holiday nail designs winter

40 – Gold Marble Nails by @yana_chumicheva
gold marble christmas nail designs for winter holidays

41 – Green, Red & Pink Nails by @majamarkowicz

colourful glitter christmas nails. winter holiday nail designs for long or short nails.

42 – Candy Cane & Gingerbread Nails from @polskiepaznokcie

candy cane and gingerbread christmas nail art. winter nail designs for short nails

43 – Black, Red & Gold Nails by @my.little.nail

winter nail art ideas gold

44 – Soft Gray Matte Nails by @ewuleek

matte gray winter nail designs

45 – Blue & White Polar Bear Nails by @klamaja

polar bear christmas nail art. acrylic nail designs for christmas winter holiday.

46 – Green & Pink Nails by @thelittlethingsbyania

winter nail design ideas green

47 – Beige plaid nails by @nailsby_jukus

beige plaid nail design for christmas holiday manicure idea

48 – Red Nail Design by @home_of_deva

red holiday nail designs winter

49 – Christmas Nail Art by @marcipazur

christmas tree candy cane nail art design. winter holiday nail ideas.

50 – Pink & Silver Mickey Mouse Nails by @ewuleeek

pink and silver glitter mickey mouse christmas nail design. winter holiday acrylic nails

51 – Essie semi-precious tones nails by @petitenaillover

gold glitter nail polish ideas for christmas winter holidays manicure. essie nail polish colors.

52 – Christmas Nail Art by @nailsby_lydiarose

christmas nail art for acrylic nails

53 – Purple & Glitter by @the_nail_cottage_by_stephanie

purple glitter festive nails winter

54 – Deep green nails by @indigonails

green christmas nail designs with snowflakes

55 – Snowman Art Nails from @joanna_bandurska

christmas snowman nail art

56 – Red & Rose Gold Nails by @m_a_n_i_c_u_r_e

red and rose gold christmas tree nail designs. holiday winter nail ideas.

57 – Pink and Gold Glitter Nails by @candy_art_nails

pink and gold glitter nails

58 – Gold tipped nails with sparkle by @master_unas

gold french tip christmas nail design for winter manicure

59 – Shades of blue nails by @domprzezduze_d

winter nail polish color ideas for christmas. blue nail colors.

60 – Wine Red Nails by @charlbbeauty

wine red christmas nails

61 – Plaid & Gingerberad Nails by @nailsby_jukus

62 – Red & Gold Nails by @sadowskaewelina89

red and gold christmas nail design ideas

63 – Gingerbread Nails by @indigonails

gingerbread christmas nail art designs

64 – Gorgeous Blue Winter Nails by @mtqpolish

deep blue winter nails

65 – Red Tipped Santa Hat Nails from @super_nails_mk

red santa hat nail tips christmas nail designs

66 – Multi-Color Cool Toned Winter Nails by @leminimacaron

cool toned winter nail colors

67 – Reindeer Nails by @polskiepaznokcie

reindeer christmas nail art. winter holiday nail designs.

68 –  Santa Claus Nail Art by @nailsbybeff

santa nail art design

69 –  Blue & Pink Marble Nails by @marcipazur

marble nail designs with gold for christmas. winter holiday nail art.

70 – Tree Nail Art by @nailsbyrosie__

christmas tree nail art

71 – Beige Winter Nails by @nailsbynatashapaige

beige christmas nail design


72 – Red Matte & Glitter Nails By @_exhalehatenails

matte and glitter winter nails

73 – Pink Snowflake Nails by @violetanailsdesign

pink snowflake nail art

74 – Metallic Rimmed Nails by @nailbuffapp

metallic rimmed winter nails

75 – Silver & White Plaid Nails @_mejzi

silver gray plaid christmas nail design ideas. christmas acrylic nail art.

76 – Candy Cane Nails By @paznokcie_malami

red white and green candy cane christmas nail art. winter nail design ideas

79 – Fuschia Glitter Nails By @_mejzi

fuschia glitter star christmas nail design. winter holiday nails for short nails

80 – Winter Mitten Nails By @klamaja

blue winter mitten nail art. christmas nail designs acrylic and gel nails

81 – Ornament Nails by @top___nogty

christmas ornament nail art. winter holiday nail designs

82 – Crystal Tipped Nails by @tatarnikova_master

nude crystal tipped christmas nail design

83 – Gold Marble Nails by @paznokcie_z_instaagrama

gold marble snowflake winter christmas nails

deep red black swirl christmas nails for winter long short

85 – Blue Snowflake Nails by @malgorzata_jankowska_indigo

deep blue glitter snowflake christmas winter nail designs

86 – Glitter Melt Nails by @olootka_nailart

melted glitter christmas nail designs for winter

87 – Santa Nail Art by @ashxmcgrath

santa christmas nail art designs for winter

88 – Glitter Tipped Star Nails by @olootka_nailart

glitter star christmas nail art ideas

89 – Ornament Nails by @nailsbyharriet_

ornament christmas nail art for winter

90 – Green Garland Nails by @olootka_nailart

green garland christmas nail art designs

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What Christmas nail designs will you be trying this winter holiday?